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It is a legal action regarding a retirement product/s that was purchased to provide a pension. The claim aims to resolve a legal dispute between the customer and a pension provider and retrieve the rightful compensation.

Here at Reclaim My Money, we can find out if your pension was lost to you and claim your compensation back.

We are experts in helping customers claim compensation for their mis-sold pensions. Many people have been poorly advised on their pensions and this has resulted in a significant loss of money.

There are currently 4 main types of mis-sold pension, these are Final Salary Transfer Pension’s; Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP); Small Self Administered Scheme Pension (SSAS); and Occupational Pension Scheme (OPS).

Introduced in 1989, SIPP Pension (self-invested personal pension) in many ways is like a personal pension in that they offer a tax-efficient vehicle for retirement savings, however, how these pensions perform is based entirely on how well the investments inside them perform. Unfortunately, some people have invested into unregulated funds such as Overseas Property, Storage Pods, Biomass and Green Schemes, German Real Estate, CFD’s, AIME’s, Forestry Schemes, and many more.
Also known as a Defined Benefit Pension these pensions are often referred to as the ‘Royles Royce’ pension schemes. The regulator, FCA, has run several thematic reviews of the conduct of transferring benefits from these types and has concluded that 92% of people were in a worst position with their new pension scheme. If you have transferred a final salary or defined benefit pension scheme please contact us to discuss how we may be able to redress the situation.

Also known as a ‘small self-administered pension scheme’. These schemes are usually run by small businesses or family-run businesses and are typically created to provide important retirement benefits for key staff, such as the employee choosing how to invest their pension funds. This type of scheme is usually set up by non-regulated entities and is often made with the intention to avoid stringent safeguarding regulations. A responsible financial advisor should have warned you that these pensions carry a high risk due to poor investments, if they did not do so or received an unwarranted amount of commission for the advice they gave, then this is grounds for a compensation claim.

Right away! To start with, you can approach us to explore the possibility of making a claim. Any evidence you have access to is useful, but our team can help you to collect and secure evidence if you are unsure. Once you have contacted us, we will arrange for a consultation where you can speak to one of our team over the phone – and we will review the key facts of your case. Should we think that you have a strong case to claim, and you want to proceed with our representation, then we will provide a highly professional and dedicated service to give you the best possible chance of reclaiming your money back.

Depending on your case it is possible for it to be legally time-barred. We are a specialist firm able to confirm the viability of your claim over a short call.
It firstly depends on if the business we are claiming against is still trading. If your advisers are still trading then they have to give us a final decision within 8 weeks. Many choose to defend claims, which then means your case may be passed on to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) for an independent review, which can take up to 12 months to resolve. Many of the cases we deal with involve advisers or businesses that have stopped trading. In these circumstances, we would take your case to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), their turnaround for these claims is between 6 to 12 months.

We can check if your pension is/was safe by checking if you have a claim for compensation. If you completed a final salary transfer or a SIPP, then this most likely will not have been safely given the high risk.

You can track a lost pension, this is not a service we run but one of our helpful advisors can point you in the direction of how to track your missing pension.

We can check if your pension was/is safe by checking if you have a claim for compensation. If you completed a final salary transfer or a SIPP, then this most likely will not have been safe, given the high risk.

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