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    Mis-Sold Pensions

    We provide an essential service for you

    THINK YOU MAY HAVE BEEN MIS-SOLD A PENSION? Then why not let our team help you. We want to hear from you. Phone or email for a free thorough initial assessment. It starts with a Free Initial Assessment to see if your story has the signs of pension mis-selling, to see if you can make a No Win – No Fee* claim. We LOVE winning pension claims for our clients, and it’s meant we’ve recovered £MILLIONS on their behalf. Can we do the same for you, too?

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    Can You make a compensation claim for
    a Mis-Sold SIPP pension?

    Self-Invested Personal Pensions can be a great way to save for retirement,
    though Negligent financial advice can ruin it.

    We can help you regain most of what you have lost on a No Win – No Fee* basis.
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    What next for the SIPP investors?

    Can You make a Compensation claim for
    a Mis-Sold SIPP Pension?

    Many of these SIPP investors do not earn high amounts of money and any loss is devastating to them. They are not what you can call sophisticated investors either.They went into this blindly without knowing the risks involved and believed they would benefit highly. The Cadnam Plot SIPP investors did not lose anything. The first thing they wanted to find out of course was if they were eligible for claims and if they were, how they would go about claiming what was rightfully theirs.

    How can you make a claim?

    If you are not sure on whether you are eligible to make a claim or not, do not just sit back and forget to pursue the matter.
    Give us a call and we will listen to your experience and give you the right advice.

    The number to call is
    0161 504 0848

    We will do the initial consultation free of charge and discuss moving forward with your claim on a no win no fee basis*.

    Mis-sold pension transfer advice – have you lost out?

    Financial experts believe mis-sold pensions are likely to be the next big scandal facing the financial sector. It’s apparent that a huge number of pension holders across the UK have fallen victim to poor, faulty or fraudulent advice from unauthorised or unregulated financial advisers.

    IIn recent years, there has been a number of cases where people have been wrongly advised to transfer perfectly performing pensions on the basis that better opportunities for growth, and in some cases flexibility, existed elsewhere. In many cases it started with a cold call or when arranging a mortgage with a broker and the suggestion of reviewing existing pensions was made.

    Unfortunately, some pension holders have lost significant amounts of money, or in some cases their entire pension, because of such transfers. If this sounds familiar, you may be eligible for compensation and it’s our mission at Reclaim My Money to help you claim what you are entitled to.

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    Mis-sold pension advice can come
    in a number of ways,

    The most common being:

    Defined benefit

    Any recommendations to move away from the safe gold-plated final salary pensions and the guarantees of defined benefit schemes offer can only be made once a significant amount of research has been done. The FCA has recently restricted many financial advisers from transferring defined benefit pensions and has put additional protections in place to protect consumers. The Financial conduct authority has clearly suggested that transferring out of defined benefit pension scheme is rarely advisable.

    If you have moved or safe gold-plated final salary pension, you could be due compensation, even if you can see your new pension has gone up in value. Contact one of our specialists for a free no obligation review.

    Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes

    A vast array of these types of schemes exist, all offering the promise high returns and, in many cases, unfortunately these schemes have now collapsed. Unfortunately, many have delivered nothing other than misery and the loss of some or all of the initial investment. Scammers have used a number of pension vehicles such as SIPPs, SSASs and Retirement Benefit Schemes. Defined contribution schemes.

    Again, less scrupulous advisors have often focused on alleged poor performance of existing pension arrangements and recommended alternative, far riskier solutions.

    This may go hand in hand with the recommendation of a SIPP, SSAS or a newly formed Retirement Benefit Scheme.

    Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS)

    A QROPS is an overseas pension scheme that meets requirements set by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

    QROPS may be appropriate for UK citizens who have left the UK to retire abroad on a permanent basis – participating countries and territories include Gibraltar, Cyprus, New Zealand and Australia. However, any transfer of money away from the UK risks leaving behind the security of the most highly regulated financial market in the world.

    Do you have a claim?

    If you think you have been the victim of mis-sold pension transfer advice we’d like to hear from you. We understand that losing all or part of your pension pot can be traumatic, but we’re here to help.

    You can contact our expert advisers on 0161 504 0848 for a no obligation chat. You may feel that there is nowhere to turn, but one call can help to bring some much-needed clarity to what we know is an extremely upsetting ordeal.

    Are you the victim of a mis-sold SIPP?

    If you have lost money as a result of transferring your pension to a SIPP, are not seeing the returns you were promised or you feel you were given bad advice then it’s possible you have been the victim of a mis-sold SIPP.

    If this is the case then you may be entitled to compensation and our team at Reclaim My Money are ready to help you claim it.

    What is a SIPP?

    Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) were introduced by the UK government in 1989 to allow pension holders to make their own decisions about where to invest all or part of their pension pots. Investors have the freedom to put their pension funds into a wide range of investments including property and Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS) and, if successful, can gain much greater returns than from a standard pension scheme.

    Specifically designed for seasoned investors with considerable funds and typically with a higher capacity for loss, SIPPs are certainly not an advisable option for unsophisticated investors. Their profitability depends on the success of the investments made and this is why they are generally unsuitable for the majority of standard pension holders.

    Whilst investing via a SIPP may provide significant opportunities for some individuals, it’s a fact that sadly they have become the vehicle of choice for predatory advisors and schemes that have exploited innocent individuals looking to make the most out of their pension pot.

    How have SIPPs been mis-sold?

    While originally intended for experienced investors who are confident managing their own investment portfolios, SIPPs have been widely mis-sold to people with little investment knowledge or experience.

    Motivated by high commissions, unscrupulous (and often unqualified) brokers and introducers lured unsuspecting consumers in with slick sales pitches, glossy marketing and promises of high returns. Unfortunately, many of these schemes promised a great deal but returned very little.

    I’ve got a claim to make, what next?

    At Reclaim My Money we believe victims of mis-sold SIPPs deserve to get their life back on track and be put into a financial position had they not received negligent advice. If you would like us to fight your case on your behalf, contact one of our specialist advisors on 0161 504 0848 to talk through the details of your situation. We are confident of achieving a positive result in the vast majority of cases.
    If one or more of the following factors apply to your situation, you have been mis-sold a SIPP.

    Signs Of Mis-Sold SIPPs

    Step 1

    Pressure Selling Tactics The adviser used pressure tactics to lure you into an investment that you didn’t want.

    Step 2

    Lack Of Understanding Are you new to investing and couldn’t understand what the adviser told you?

    Step 3

    Lack Of Transparency The adviser didn’t give you all the information about the fees attached to the investment.

    Step 4

    Poor Advice The adviser told you to switch even when your current pension scheme was ideal for your current situation.

    Step 5

    Advice On Avoiding Tax Did the adviser recommend a SIPP to avoid tax?

    Step 6

    The Adviser Didn’t Explain The Risks The adviser didn’t give you a clear picture of the risks and negative implications of the investment.

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