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your final salary pension?

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you could be owed £10,000’s in compensation.

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    What is a

    Final Salary Pension Transfer?

    A Final Salary Pension - also referred to as a defined benefit pension - can come with valuable benefits, mainly the guarantee of an income for life. This type of pension is when your employer looks at your final salary and, based on your last known pay, offers a figure to move across to a new pension product. However, if you were advised to transfer out of a Final Salary Pension scheme or not advised of the risks in doing so, you may have a claim for compensation.

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    Ultimately by transferring your final salary pension you lose guaranteed benefits, as well as the risk of losing the money in your pension pot, putting your stable retirement at risk!

    A final salary pension transfer claim gives you the chance to claim for the amount you have lost plus interest, due to the mis-selling of your transfer.  Even if it looks like your pension is growing since you transferred it, you may still have lost money due to the negligent transfer, and the potential loss of your guaranteed income for life.

    The Financial Ombudsman reported a 35% increase in Defined Benefit Pension Transfer complaints from October to December 2019 compared to the previous year.  Our experts could help you become one of the many people claiming thousands for mis-sold final salary transfers!

    There are many types of employment where the mis-selling of final salary transfers took place, here are just a few of the final salary pensions where you could have lost thousands:

    • Armed Forces Pensions
    • BAE Systems Pensions
    • Barclays Pension Scheme
    • British Airways Pension
    • British Steel Pension Scheme
    • BP Pension Scheme
    • BT Pension Scheme
    • Electricity Supply Pension Scheme
    • Greater Manchester Pension Fund
    • Jaguar Land Rover Pension
    • Local Authority Pension Scheme
    • Marks & Spencer’s Pensions
      • Welsh Water Pension Scheme
      • British Coal Pension Scheme
      • Electricity Pension Schemes
      • Merseyside Pension Fund
      • Mineworkers Pension Scheme
      • Nestle Pension Fund
      • NHS Pension Transfers
      • Police Pension Schemes
      • Railway Pensions
      • Royal Mail / Post Office
        Pension Scheme
      • Strathclyde Pension Fund
      • Teacher’s Pension
      • Tobacco Company Pension
      • Transport for London
      • Universities Superannuation Scheme
      • West Midlands Metropolitan Pension
      • West Yorkshire Pension Fund

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