Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

What Are Cookies

Cookies are small files of numbers and letters which we attach to your mobile phone, computer or similar Internet-enabled device in order to access or use our own site as long as you agree to this. Such cookies will enable us to tell you part from all other users of our site.

How Do We Use Cookies

Our website uses three types of cookies.

Types Of Cookies

We make use of what are known as “session cookies” which will always be allowed to expire at the conclusion of an Internet browsing period; in other words, these cookies come into being when you start the browser session by opening your browser’s window until such time as you leave the browsing session.

We make use of permanent or persistent cookies which are then located on your Internet-enabled device in between your browsing sessions; these types of cookies will persist beyond any one browsing session.

We use analytical cookies which can be session or permanent cookies and these are used for purposes of data analysis only.

Use Of Cookies

Session cookies will all be associated with your activity in the course of your browsing sessions. We make use of these types of cookies to recall your activity, behaviour and preferences while browsing. This might be to make use of webmail contact on the site or to recall your purchasing preferences if you had ever made a purchase from our site.

We make use of persistent or permanent cookies in order to recall your own choices and preferences when you browse our site.

We make use of analytical cookies to analyse activity in order to recognise and therefore make a count of visitor numbers and also to better understand how web visitors behave on the website when they use it. These cookies enable us to enhance the way in which our site works better for people, by ensuring that users are able to find what they’re looking for more easily, for example.

Third Parties

If any third party were to install any cookies on your Internet-enabled device they must tell you about this and get your consent before they do so. These third parties are allowed to install cookies on site users’ computers, tablets, etc., in the event that a third party resource or app can be found on the site, for example


We are legally obliged to let you know about using cookies on our site and to get your prior consent to install such cookies on your Internet-enabled device unless such a cookie installation is required to allow you to access our services online. An example of this would be the installation of cookies to recall any purchases during your browsing session to be able to process that order.

We tell you about cookie usage and attain your permission to install such cookies on your computer or device by means of a cookie alert notice on our site’s home page. You are able to rescind your consent to cookie use on your computer or device any time you like. The outcome of refusing such consent might be that your own site choices and preferences are not remembered any more. That might negatively alter the functioning of the website.

Manage Your Cookies Preferences

You are able to control your cookie preferences by augmenting the settings of your browser to match with your preferences. Doing that will result in cookie installation only if your browser’s settings permitted it.


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