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Get up to £350,000 Compensation

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We’ve helped hundreds of people like you claim compensation for mis-sold investments or pensions. If you’ve lost money because you bought an investment after receiving poor financial advice, or were given poor advice on a SIPP or pension transfer, we can help you claim your money back.
Then why not let our team help you. We want to hear from you. Phone or Email for a free thorough initial assessment. It starts with a Free Initial Assessment to see if your story has the signs of pension mis-selling, to see if you can make a No Win – No Fee* claim.

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Final Salary Transfers

With a Final Salary Transfer, your employer takes into account your final salary at the time of your retirement and provides a sum that is equivalent your known last pay. Due to its nature, it is not recommendable to transfer this form of pension to any other form pension product or pension provider.

SIPP Mis-Selling

SIPP stands for Self-Invested Personal Pension and is a type of investment product that allows you, the investor, to have better control and flexibility of what to invest your pension fund in, compared to standard pensions. As they offer a wider choice of where to invest your money they are better suited to those who have larger funds to invest.

Ethical Forestry

Ethical Forestry was an investment product that many people invested in using a SIPP (self-invested personal pension), such as Carey Pensions, GPC SIPP, Guinness Mahon, Liberty SIPP and The Lifetime SIPP but it went terribly wrong.

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